About Us

Established in 2021. Headquartered in Lebanon.

Blockchain Technology Unlocked for Everyone.

Cryptoware provides blockchain solutions and consultancy services that enable businesses to migrate to the blockchain and build products that can help shape the future of the decentralized web and the metaverse.

We have serviced many clients from around the world ranging from seed-level startups to large corporations and government entities. Our core focus is fintech, DeFi, and decentralized finance solutions, but our capabilities are not limited. We have built and can build NFT Marketplaces, Improved Digital Wallets, Crypto Payment Solutions, Decentralized Museums, NFT Lottery Raffle Systems, Web3 Social Hubs, and more.

All Cryptoware solutions are creatively built, thoroughly tested, and systematically enhanced to attain the desired outcome of our clients. In other words, we make decentralized dreams come true.

“There’s an opportunity today to create a new world, and all we have to do is ask what the future wants from us.” – Sam Zoghbi, Cofounder

“You can't ban decentralized Sh*t.” – Jad A. Jabbour, Cofounder

If you’re looking for blockchain solutions or seeking expert advice on solving problems in your industry, Cryptoware is always open for collaborations.


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